Busted! Don’t Believe These Accounting Myths!

By Roberts & Roberts Tax & Accounting, LLC |


For new business owners, your mission is to ensure that your startup not only survives in the competitive business world but also thrives. And as a cost-effective measure, you may try to manage financial records on your own or install accounting software packages to do the same.

However, without the expertise of an accountant, you are only exposing yourself to financial risks which can cost your business in a big way. Hiring a professional accounting firm or an accountant will help you correct mistakes, identify areas of growth and makes sure your business remains profitable.

While people recognize the critical importance of accounting, many still reconsider the process and are hesitant to entrust their financial details with a professional. Often, this is due to the age-old myths that continue to persist, and the modern-day misinformation that is widely spread.  

To clear some of your doubts, Roberts & Roberts Tax & Accounting, LLC has dispelled three commonly believed myths about accounting.

Myth 1: Starting a new business is complicated.

While there are many government agencies to deal with, you can find a qualified accountant who will be happy to assist you with the process. If you call or visit us, we will outline the process and make a roadmap for you to follow as well as provide a free quote. It is more economical than you think.

Myth 2: Tax preparation is expensive.

This depends on your financial situation. The tax return we usually prepare, that is, a single individual, one or two W-2’s and not filing itemized comes to around $99.00. Whereas, a married couple, 2 W-2’s, some capital gains, Schedule A is as low as $180.00. So, in a way, we help you save money.

Myth 3: Using QuickBooks is challenging.

Most QuickBooks problems occur in the initial setup, or sometimes a user is unable to comprehend the unique way the software performs. We can assess your system and recommend suggestions to improve the quality of your results.

If you want to stay clear of these myths and hire an accounting firm in Los Alamos, New Mexico, reach out to Roberts & Roberts Tax & Accounting, LLC. We have over forty years of experience offering bookkeeping, accounting and tax services to individuals and businesses. We are proud that our full-service accounting practice has helped many startups grow and prosper.

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